Photo Directory-2018

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We Need You! After five years, we are working to put together our second photo directory. It would be wonderful to have as many of our families featured in our book as possible.

Tell YOUR story!
BE YOURSELF: Classic, casual, musical, sporty, fun – it’s up to you!
MAKE IT SPECIAL: Bring meaningful items and special people too. (like mom!)
               We are NOT allowing pets to be photographed except for certified service animals!
SHARE YOUR STORY: You will have the opportunity to purchase additional photographs as gifts for family and friends. Each photo session entitles you to one free 8×10 sized photo.

Our scheduled dates of photography are:
August 21-25 — 2pm-9pm      *All appt slots are full

August 27-31 — 2pm-9pm
September 4-7 — 2pm-9pm  Now Available!
September 8 — 10am-5pm  Now Available!

The photo directory is a wonderful way to communicate to with all in our faith community. The book will feature not only photos of our families, but also a directory of addresses and phone numbers in the back. More importantly, this gives a great opportunity for Fr. Bob, Fr. Dan, and the staff at SKD to better know the faith community!